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Welcome to Workfolio.,

We are happy to introduce the new feature to export and delete the captured screenshots. 

This feature is available only to workfolio pro plan users. 

How to export the screenshots:

Please visit the screenshots page and refresh the page once if you didn't see the export and delete buttons.

Select the required screenshots or you can click on the "Select All"

Note: If you click on the "Select All", it will select all screenshots which are available on that page.

After selecting the screenshots, click on the Export button to download all the screenshots in a single .zip file.

How to delete multiple screenshots?

Similar to exporting the screenshots, choose the screenshots to be deleted. After the selection of screenshots, click on the delete button and confirm the delete. 

Note: You can't recover the deleted screenshots, so please be careful. 

If you have any questions, feel free to write a mail [email protected]

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