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Hello There, Greetings.

We are introducing a new report "App & Site Usage" to see the application and website usage summary of your team members. Using this report, you can find the most used apps & sites or least used apps & sites for each and every person in your team. 

Can I see the historical usage summary in the report?

Yes, You can choose the required date in the date filter to see the historical usage summary. For example, you can see last month's summary or last week's summary. 

Can I see the multiple person's summaries at a time?

Yes, you can choose multiple persons from the given list and see their apps & sites usage summary. 

Can I export this report?
Yes, you can export the report into an excel sheet. On the top right side, you can see the Export button.

This report is available only in our pro plan. 

If you have any queries, feel free to contact us through support chat or mail us at [email protected].

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