How to set up Email Reports?


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Welcome to Workfolio,

It's now easier than ever to periodically receive your employee's work hours reports from Workfolio. The automated email report will be delivered to you at 12:00 AM in your organization's time zone. You can get a daily, weekly and month report.

To configure the email reports, please log in as an admin on the workfolio website (

You can export reports only in the pro plan.

How to Create Email Reports?

  • Visit Settings -> Email Reports
  • Click Create New Report
  • Set the Frequency(When do you want the report to be sent out daily, weekly or monthly) 
  • Select Report type(As an admin, you can get the detailed auto report of any of your team or organization summaries) 
  • Select a person to whom you need to send reports.
  • Click Create Report.

How can I get automatic reports on a daily/weekly or monthly basis?

You can receive automatic reports via email by creating an Email Report in the Settings. You can receive the reports daily, weekly, or at the beginning of the month by setting the frequency as follows.

  • Daily at 12 AM
  • Every Sunday
  • Every month 1st day

When the reports will send out?

Emails are sent out at midnight (user time zone) at the end of the period(day, week, month) selected in the report. Information about the user time zone is taken when the report is created/updated.

Here is the sample of the Daily Report

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