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What is the available storage in the free plan?

In the free plan, 10 GB of storage is available.

Where I can see the utilized storage?

You can see the used storage % on the billing page. You should be in the free plan to see the free page storage data.

What will happen after 10GB of storage utilization?

After the utilization of 10GB storage, screenshots & app tracking will not be stored. You can use the admin panel to see the timesheets. Your team members can use the app for free forever, even after the 10GB of storage utilization. As an admin, you can see their clock-in &  clock-out time.

How to get unlimited storage?

You can upgrade your account to our Pro plan. We provide unlimited storage in the pro plan.

Is that 10 GB storage for a company or a user?

10GB of storage is for the whole company.

How storage is calculated and where I can see that stat?

Everyday storage will be calculated at the end of the day. Based on the taken screenshots, storage will be calculated. You can see the utilized storage on the billing page.

Deleting the screenshot can free up the storage?

No, Deleting the screenshot won't help you to reduce the storage. For privacy reasons, you can delete the screenshot. It will be removed from the database.

Can I reuse the storage?

Sorry, Overwriting the storage is not available.

Can I register a new company and start using adding team members after completing the 100% free storage?
It's a violation of our fair usage policy. If we find a duplicate account for a company, the duplicate account will be terminated without any notice.

Where I can get the details about pricing & discount?
Pls contact our support chat or mail us at [email protected] for pricing & discounts related queries. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us through support chat to mail us at [email protected]

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