I have utilized 100% free storage, What next?


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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why it's showing this message "I have utilized 100% free storage"?

In the free plan, you will get 10GB of free storage for your account. This storage will be used to store the screenshots of your employees. If you have utilized the entire 100% storage after that, it message will be pop-up automatically. 

2) Can I delete the old screenshots?

Deleting the screenshots, won't help you to get free space.

3) Can I reuse the free storage?

Sorry, you can't reuse the free storage

4) How to monitor teammates after reaching 100% free storage?

Log in to your desktop application, you can the option to see all your teammates timesheets and work hours related breakups in detail.

5) I don't need screenshots, what should I do?

You can turn off the screenshots only in the pro plan.

6) I want to continue the workfolio, how to do that?
Please upgrade your plan. Visit the billing page and choose the pro plan and complete the payment. 

What you can do after reaching 100% free storage:

1) You can upgrade your account to a workfolio pro plan. In the pro plan, you will get unlimited storage, customize screenshot intervals, email reports, timesheet export and many other useful features to improve your team's productivity. You can get a 15% discount on the annual plan. To read more about the discounts, follow this link 

2) You can try the pro plan for 14 days for free. Click on the start 14 days trial to try out the workfolio pro plan. 

3) If you like to continue the free plan:
As we said, you can use the workfolio free forever. After reaching 100% of free storage, you & your teammates are allowed to use the workfolio desktop application for free.

You can use the free version to monitor your teammates 

Clock-in Time

Clock-out Time
Total Worked Time
Idle Time
Break Time
Productive Apps Time

Unproductive Apps Time

Neutral Apps Time

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us through support chat email at [email protected] 

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