How to use Risk Users?


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Welcome to Workfolio.,

Risk Users is a place where you can create your own office policies. Someone who violated your office policy would be highlighted in your admin dashboard.

Example risk triggers,
You can create a policy to identify, 
  • who is working less than 6 hours in a day
  • who is spending more than 3 hours in the unproductive apps
  • who is spending more than 2 hours in the idle time

How to create the Risk trigger?

  • Go to the Settings -> Risk User Settings
  • Click on the Create Risk Triggers button on the right side

Here you can Create Risk Triggers. By selecting the below conditions,

  • Work hours/Idle time/Unproductive hours
  • less than/greater than
  • hours
  • days
Example: Work hours are less than 6 hours in the last 1 day

Can I exclude certain users from the risk trigger? 

Yes, there is an option to exclude the user from the trigger. Excluding the user won't come under the rules violation.

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