How Work Load Analysis works?


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Now it's easier to manage your employee's work-life balance. You can easily see who is over-employed and who is under-employed. With this report, you can divide and distribute tasks according to the employee's bandwidth.

This feature is available for the Pro plan users.

To view Workload analysis 

Visit  Reports->Work Load Analysis

And also you can view it on the Overview page.

You can also view the data and export reports of a single member by applying the filter.

The bar graph has three indications, they are

Overworked (yellow)

The yellow bar appears when an employee works more than 1 hour of the expected work hours.


The green bar appears when an employee works between more than 1 hour of minimum productive work hours and more than 1 hour of expected work hours.

Less Utilised(Red)

The Red bar appears when an employee works below minimum productive work hours(i.e: min productive work hour + 1 hour).

Where does the bar graph get data?

The workload analysis bar graph works based on the information provided in Settings -> Track settings.

Here you can set

1. Work Time settings

Set expected work hours and minimum productive work hours as per your Organisation timezone

Finally, Save the track settings.

If you have any quires, feel free to contact support or send us a mail to [email protected]  

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