How to use Workfolio desktop app?


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Welcome to Workfolio,

Team members can use Workfolio desktop app to track their work. So that team heads and admins can see their work performance on the workfolio website. 

Step 1: Install the Workfolio desktop app:

Download & install the workfolio desktop from After the installation, open the desktop app and log in with the workfolio account credential.

With the team member access, you can do below things

  • Start work from the desktop app
  • Take a break from work
  • Stop the work 

Step 2: Start the work in Workfolio desktop app:

Click on the Clock-in button to start the work. Once the clock-in is done, the timer will be started to run.

Whenever the user starts to work from their system, they need to click the Clock-in button. After that, the workfolio starts tracking your activities and screenshots from the user's system. 

How to Stop the Work:
Click on the Clock-out button to stop the work timer. Once you click on the clock-out button, the timer and the tracking will be stopped. No tracking will happen until you clock in back to your work.

How to take a break during work:

Click on the Take Break button to take a break. Once you click on the "Take Break" button, the timer and the tracking will be paused. No tracking will happen until you Clock in/Resume work.

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