What is Timelapse Video in workfolio?


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Welcome to Workfolio,

Workfolio gives the option to view your teammate work in a timelapse video. At the end of the day, the timelapse video will be generated from the captured screenshots. 

To enable the Timelapse video, you should enable Screenshot and Set the time interval of fewer than 10 minutes.

On Settings -> Track Settings page, admin can enable & disable the timelapse.

Who can see the timelapse:

Admin can allow/disallow the users to see the timelapse video of their own.

Admin & Team Head has the access to their team members timelapse video.

Team Members can view the timelapse video within the desktop app

Admins & Team heads can view their team members timelapse from website

Note: Timelapse video will be generated at 12 AM.

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